Now   ANYONE   can learn to paint beautiful original oils!   ...even if you have never painted before!
Let Dale Strong guide you, step by step and in a 4 lessons you will complete a painting!   These 4 lessons are only an introductory approach and not the complete training needed to become an artist.  

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Meet Dale Strong...

International Awards and Accolades

Dale currently holds five International Awards in the United States and Europe. These include International Expo Awards in New Orleans, Louisiana; Safety Harbor, Florida; New York City, New York; Geneva, Switzerland and Madrid, Spain. One of his paintings was selected to be on permanent display at The National Archives, Helsinki, Finland.

Dale is listed in several volumes of "Who's Who" publications (1996, 2004, 2006 and 2007). He will also be included in an upcoming 2009 edition. In addition, his paintings are recorded on file at the United States Library of Congress, ISBN #0963860-1-1-1-9 since 1996.


Having painted since 1947 and then professionally since 1970, Dale has been eminently successful in showing and selling his Original paintings and Signed and Numbered Limited Edition Prints. His work has been represented in a variety of galleries throughout the country. Dale's art has garnered many prestigious awards. Some of his collectors include: Vice President Walter Mondale, Frank Sinatra; Luciano Pavarotti; Stan Kenton; Chita Rivera; Johnny Carson and Skitch Henderson.

Inspired by nature surrounding his childhood home in a remote Finnish village in rural Minnesota, Dale Strong paints majestic landscapes of a proportion that nearly envelop the viewer.

Realist Landscape Artist

Dale's paintings depict only places that exist. His remarkable panoramas of the West (especially the Teton Mountains in northwest Wyoming), as well as spectacular European vistas, tell stories of Dale's upbringing and travels. Frequently, napkins, backs of old envelopes and matchbook covers become ersatz sketchbooks. When he is ready to paint, viewing these renderings transports him back to the original location and he literally recalls the scenes and senses the air and sounds of the locale.

Unique Style and Methodology

Working with a slightly unorthodox method of oil painting, Dale Strong uses a pair of converted iced teaspoons to apply the paint to canvas. By eliminating the use of brushes and turpentine, he retains the brilliance and intensity of the colors, while also deterring deterioration and aging of the work. He sometimes uses a brush sparingly for intricate detail work; however, Dale relies almost exclusively on the iced teaspoons.

Education/Studies/Special Events

To maximize his knowledge and hone his technique, Dale studied oil painting at such varied institutions as Minneapolis Institute of Art, Minneapolis, Minnesota; Rocky Mountain Polytechnic Institute, Billings, Montana; Idaho State College, Pocatello, Idaho; Washington School of Fine Art, New York, New York; University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, Minnesota; Institute of Fine Art, Paris, France; and Accademia Delle Arti Disegno, Florence, Italy. In addition to his formal schooling, he studied privately with such notable artists as Darrel Kenyon, Norman "Jake" Jacobson, Conrad Schweiring and Arthur Kerner.

Dale teaches privately as well as in several Arizona colleges. He has been a featured painter on PBS National Network Television stations, local stations and has participated in many fund raising events.

Teaching Classes at Community Colleges

Dale Strong's students' unfinished artwork at Yavapai College.


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